VIVA LA MUERTE : Fernando Arrabal

never forget the first time i saw that video…the drawing of the beautiful Topor and the choice of the music !!!!!


a movie made by what we call in french….un sacre numero !!!….F Arrabal…


bon voyagiiiii

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  1. kicks fucking ass

    ‘’Arrabal’s theatre is a wild, brutal, cacophonous, and joyously provocative world. It is a dramatic carnival in which the carcass of our “advanced” civilizations is barbecued over the spits of a permanent revolution. He is the artistic heir of Kafka’s lucidity and Jarry’s humor; in his violence, Arrabal is related to Sade and Artaud. Yet he is doubtless the only writer to have pushed derision as far as he did. Deeply political and merrily playful, both revolutionary and bohemian, his work is the syndrome of our century of barbed wire and Gulags, a manner of finding a reprieve.’’
    The Dictionary of Literatures in the French Language (Dictionnaire des littératures de langue française; Editions Bordas.)

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